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Link Building to Your Site

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7 things to build links to your site

What is Link Building?

Link building refers to the process of getting other websites to link to the pages on your Website, help them to get a higher rank in Google search results.

With two steps, you can boil most “white hat” link building strategies;

  1. Create something worthy
  2. Show it to people who own websites and thus can link to it.

Why Link Building is important?

Google and also other search engines look at links from other websites as “votes.” These votes help them identify which page deserves to be ranking at the very top of the search results on a given topic.

Establishing high-quality backlinks to a website is one of the most critical components of building online authority or organic search visibility.

Similarly, It directly related the Website’s authority and relevance to the volume of other highly relevant and authoritative sites.

What are the best ways to build backlinks?

Here, you can see seven creative ways to earn or build powerful backlinks to your Website.

  • Produce unique research.
  • Respond to a famous/trending article.
  • Update or elaborate on links in relevant posts.
  • Offer free tools.
  • Create unique images or graphics.
  • Review the SERPs.
  • Build trusting relationships.

Produce unique research

It would help if you depended on the scope of your business so that you may have access to your unique customer or industry data.

If your target audience wants to read, like, and share, you will collect, compile, analyze and organize the relevant, valuable research.

People generally attract relevant stats and insights to compare and measure their own personal or business experience.

Respond to a popular/article topic

Share your unique opinions on a trending topic or article. It is a great way to build authority. Moreover, You can respond through a blog post, video, podcast episode, or some combination of all.

You can also perform relevant keyword-based hashtag searches through social media outlets. Such outlets include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, or others where your audience is engaging.

You should ensure your response is both accurate and complete with links. Also, you should check your published response to any other relevant content or any other relevant source.

Update or Elaborate on links in several posts

A similar approach to engaging with relevant trending or popular posts offers complimentary, value-added content to the original author.

You will have two options to identify popular posts using the same methods detailed above;

  1. Click on and review any backlinks within the post to ensure they are working up-to-date and accurate content.
  2. While there are existing links, look for opportunities to elaborate on any keywords in the article. You can create more detailed support content for the linked article.

Offer free tools

People continually search for free tips, hacks, tools, or templates, regardless of the job or task. It helps them to save time or guide them where they lack knowledge or experience.

If there are unique or valuable, you use them to modernize your business or processes. Then, it would help if you considered sharing them through a resources section within your Website.

The SEO best practices ensure you have relevant keyword-rich content surrounding the tool or template to provide context for readers and search engine crawlers.

A fast backlink check would indeed reveal a significant volume coming from highly relevant industry directories, publications, and other authoritative sources.

Create unique Images/Graphics

Firstly, The web is hugely a visual medium. As such, unique images and graphics can be difficult to engaging readers and attracting links.

Stock photography is helpful to develop and complement website and blog post copy. But unique, creative images extend the content they accompany with much more reliability and authority.

Infographics are a prevalent form of content. They provide a visually helpful and engaging way of presenting simple or complex information and data.

Review the SERPs

Your primary focus is a manually intensive and often overlooked method of identifying sources and building inbound links through search engine results for keywords.

Assuming keyword research has been done already, grab and scour the top 50-100 search results for each keyword for any non-competitive potential inbound link sources.

Therefore, Any websites appearing in the top fifty are relevant and somewhat authoritative in the view of the search engines. Relevant backlinks are a clear signal to the search engines in which you operate.

Build Trusting Relationships

The basis of attachments is trust and organic power, by extension.

You will ultimately be able to earn or build links on websites where you have established a level of trust based on the value of the content. For which, you are asking a site owner or a member of your audience to link.

Trust, is not gained easily or quickly. It demands an ongoing demonstration of commitment to providing value.

Topical authority, organic search visibility, and a trusting, loyal audience with a higher tendency to sign up for what you are selling are all at your fingertips.

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