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How To Use Days of the Week Hashtags

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If you want to become an expert in the art of hashtags on social media, you are in the right place.

Hashtags are a great way to:

  • Build your company brand
  • Drive a marketing campaign
  • Stay in touch with your audience

Instagram and Facebook, the favorite platforms of young people, are renewed continuously to stay relevant to users. The foregoing can be reflected in the commercial aspect since social networks also intend to sell themselves and function as an important channel for advertisers. From the use of hashtags to GIFs (not yet), its implements can be used efficiently.

Also owned by Mark Zuckerberg, it currently has more than 800 million monthly active users and interaction through what the platform offers, such as Stories or Hashtags.

As brands increase their reliance on user-generated campaigns, hashtags remain essential for content acquisition and promotion.

According to data from Analytics and figures, the user spends 206 minutes a month on the platform estimate that 71 percent of companies will already start using it this year. The above is perhaps one of the most important statistics, since, concerning the growth it has for businesses, the statistic is almost double (48.8 percent) of the companies that used Instagram in 2017.

Hashtags have been shown to help posts perform better and make a banner ad cheaper. But perhaps one of the benefits you can have will be knowing which hashtags are more efficient on different days of the week.

Consider the following 


Because it’s the beginning of the week, posts perform better than other days, including weekends. It also offers a lower average cost per click than what you would get when posting on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, for example.

#mondaymorning (used in 2.1 million posts)

#mondaymood (used in 1.9 million posts)

#mondayblues (used in 1.8 million posts)


While Tuesday is not the best day to post, it is still ‘midweek.’ Although this day could be a ‘break’ between other days with higher volume and traffic (such as Monday), it is still a great option to maintain communication and engagement with your brand’s followers through hashtags.

#tuesdayvibes (used in 224.4 thousand posts)

#tuesdaythoughts (used in 161.5 thousand posts)

#tuesdaytip (used in 98.9K thousand posts)


Wednesday is a good day to post (almost as famous as Thursday). The most significant publications for this day highlight factors that appeal to emotion.

#wednesdaywisdom (used in 1.1 million posts)

#wednesdaynight (used in 499.1 thousand posts)

#wednesdaymotivation (used in 157.7 thousand posts)


Thursday is the most popular day on Instagram. So far, the hashtags #throwbackthursday or #tbt is still the most used on the platform. Note that this increases the cost per click.

#tbt (used in 407.1 million posts)

#thursdaynight (used in 989.5 thousand posts)

#thursdaythoughts (used in 329 thousand posts)


Although it may not seem like it, it is one of the least popular days to post, and at the beginning of the weekend, Friday is an expensive day for Instagram ads because the cost per click goes up.

#fridaynight (used in 12 million posts)

#fridayfeeling (used in 1.5 million posts)

#fridaynightlights (used in 1 million posts)

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