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Branding workshops are often held in a business day space where you meet with the client’s key stakeholders. When you enter the room together, the people involved engage in various activities, such as talking, thinking, writing down on paper, and generally embarking on a discovery journey.

By the end of the session, everyone should contribute at each stage, from which a pile of raw materials we can build and begin the process of modeling your brand.

What are the points of the branding workshop?

The main reason for holding a branding workshop is to collect all the client’s opinions, views, contributions about your brand, and what they think it is or should be.

The workshop is suitable for rebranding or rebranding, but the content will be adjusted accordingly. These contexts can often be more difficult due to the brand’s existing thoughts, experiences, and emotional color perceptions. This means that there may be a lot of work to be done to get people to change their minds. Rebranding or upgrading may require you to fix immutable components such as names.

The branding workshops also play an essential role for the creatives who run the workshops and build their brand.

Platform to challenge customers

When people enter a branding workshop, they often feel like they turn the brand inside out or know what it wants to be. Some stakeholders may even despise the entire branding process a bit.

This workshop allows clients to ponder and point out discrepancies between what stakeholders want, what they can achieve, and their business offers.

Watertight roadmap

If you have ideas or ideas from stakeholders about values, names, colors, images, etc., you can get a strong position by presenting them.

Criticism and feedback should be primarily subjective, as long as the decisions made during brand creation and design are consistent with the branding workshop results. This simplifies the branding process and provides a convenient way to guide clients if the project begins to turn from the agreed direction set after the workshop.

How long should the branding workshop last?

This depends on the scope of the project. Small branding projects with few stakeholders may require a workshop of up to half a day. Most of the day may be necessary if there are four or more stakeholders involved or if the project is more extensive and more detailed.

It is essential to focus on the activity and keep the discussion on the topic (this is very easy in the heat of the moment). Always consider workshop breaks, including lunch for all-day sessions.

It is also helpful to organize the workshop effectively. Some activities are quick, others require more thought, some are very creative, and others involve a more systematic and systematic way of working. The innovative construction maintains energy and momentum and ensures the focus needed to stiffen the graft.

Brand Workshop Exercise

The exercises used in the branding workshop vary from project to project, but they all cover the same essential area. Each stakeholder has a manual that will be completed as the exercise progresses. These are put together at the end to provide a concrete reference. There is a map of the brand on the wall, which the group will complete. Of course, with the client’s permission, we usually also record the audio of the session.

Although the exact nature of the exercise is tailored to the client and the industry, workshops typically include activities such as:

Warm-Up Exercises: This is an icebreaker that makes people think about brands and branding, talk about their thoughts, compare them, take in our opinions and make us all feel together.

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