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Organic Instagram Growth: Effective 3 Brand-Building Strategies

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Organic Instagram Growth: 3 Brand-Building Strategies

Organic Instagram Growth

For years now, many businesses around the world have been using Instagram to build their brand. This is because this popular Instagram Growth, with over one billion active users, can give you unique opportunities to reach people who are likely to become your customers. However, it’s up to you how you will reach them, how you will connect with them, and whether you will be able to develop a meaningful relationship with them, keep their attention, inspire them to engage with your posts, and build loyalty. 

There are many different things people try to make their Instagram business account successful. However, what works for some, may not work for you. There isn’t one secret formula. So, you must find the tactics that work for you, to create a powerful strategy for an ever-growing, customer-bringing, reputation-building account.

3 Brand-Building Strategies to have Instagram Growth

1. Use Instagram Growth Services

The easiest way to make sure that any aspect of your marketing strategy is well-thought-out is to bring in professionals to care for it. There are many tools and services available on the market, dedicated solely to growing business Instagram accounts. However, like with anything else in the business world, you should be very cautious when you choose one for your company. 

These tools work in different ways, and while some are capable to bring organic followers, others will bring you insignificant growth. This is because they use fake users and bots, which will inflate your number of followers on Instagram, but not the number of real people who you can convert into customers with the right strategy. If you read this Path Social review, you can see how good growth service differs, and how it can help you grow organically. 

2. Interact With Your Target Audience

When it comes to Instagram, as well as other social media, interacting can be very effective to achieve any goal, whether it’s growing your community, inspiring engagement, increasing the sales number, bringing organic traffic to your website, etc. When you post high-quality content, and it reaches the right people, they might engage with it. Engagement is at the heart of every successful Instagram business account. 

Keep in mind that Instagram users are incredibly active. On top of that, don’t forget that consumers today prefer brands that give them their attention, bring them value, communicate with them, and connect with them on a more personal level. Instagram allows you to interact with your audience – replying to their DMs, reacting and responding to their comments (even to negative ones), mentioning their name in your response, asking questions, asking for feedback, and so on. And all of this, will humanize your brand in your followers’ eyes and show them you care.

However, interaction shouldn’t end on your account. Find other businesses in the same industry or niche (in other words ones that are targeting the same or a similar audience as you), which manage successful Instagram business accounts, and browse through their posts. To attract users organically to your account, you can post comments on a few of them and you can locate active and engaging users and interact with them.

3. Collaborate With Influencers

Some people love them, and others hate them, but it’s a fact that Instagram influencers are very popular, and successful ones are followed by thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of Instagrammers. And, most importantly, many people trust the influencers they are following considering that the truly successful ones choose carefully the brands they will endorse. And this is what makes them so in demand when it comes to businesses. 

If you find an influencer that is suitable for your brand, or in other words collaborates with other businesses in your niche or one similar to yours, a lot of their followers are likely within your target audience. So, if you can get them to collaborate with you, they may help you increase your organic followers. You should also make sure that they share your values so that you don’t end up hurting your reputation.

For instance, if you pride yourself in being an environmentally conscious brand, or a cruelty-free brand, you should make sure that the influencer you choose doesn’t believe that global warming is a conspiracy theory or one who stands behind brands that test products on animals. Also, you should make sure that their popularity is genuine and that they don’t use bots and fake followers.



It’s not easy to run a successful Instagram business account, but if you find the right tactics to grow organically, you can give it the best chance to thrive. A rich, active profile, with valuable and relevant content and engaging followers, can help you turn users into customers, build a reputation, scale your business and, ultimately, increase your profits.




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