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Video Marketing Statistics You Should Know In 2021

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video marketing statistics you should know

Video Marketing Statistics

The human brain is difficult to respond to movement. In human psychology, linking non-text elements to a text-packed webpage provides a gap in the user’s field of view, which can be easily detected. If you attach a video, you will not only attract their attention but also keep your audience engaged for a long time. That’s why communicating your brand message via video can improve customer retention, which can go a long way to maximizing chances.

Video Marketing Statistics 2021

According to the latest video marketing statistics 2021, marketers are not the only ones using video to attract the attention of their target audience. Business owners have tapped into video production services to create video content in the hopes of attracting new customers through search engine optimization (SEO), especially video SEO. Investing in video marketing for the next generation will no doubt pay off somewhere.

 Here are some common video marketing statistics that prove

1. More than 86 percent of businesses rely on video as a marketing tool

According to these video marketing statistics, only 14 percent of businesses have not yet decided to use video in their marketing activities. If you are one of these businesses that do not believe in the power of video marketing, read our remaining list of Video Marketing Statistics 2021 so you can make informed decisions.

2. For marketers who use video, 93 percent say it is an essential part of their marketing strategy

Surprisingly, 93 percent of marketers consider video marketing to be an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. Among those interviewed, video marketing generates a return on investment (ROI) that meets or exceeds their expectations.

3. Users retain 95 percent of a message when reported via video

Here are some interesting video marketing facts: The human brain responds to videos naturally because they contain three essential components. They consist of visuals, sounds, and motion, all of which together form a powerful medium for transmitting the information. These factors contribute to how the human brain perceives your message, which is why users retain more information from video than text.

4. According to video marketing statistics, the most common types of videos created are commentators (73 percent), social media videos (67 percent), presentations (51 percent), sales videos (41 percent), and video ads (41 percent)

While it’s important to be consistent in your videos for branding, adding different types to your video marketing efforts will engage your audience with new content ideas. Marketers use different video formats to convey different information, and these are some of the most commonly used.

Statistics that prove the power of video marketing

Videos have the potential to affect almost every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. This will positively affect audience engagement, email marketing, social sharing rate, and web page visibility through video SEO. Check out some video marketing facts and figures to add to our overall Video Marketing Statistics 2021 list.

1. 84 percent of customers believe they need to watch a brand video to buy or subscribe to a service

It’s no secret that videos are everywhere. Video content is present in every channel, whether it is IGTV video, YouTube, or video that you may stumble upon with SEO. But the power of video lies not only in its ubiquity but also in its influence. After watching a brand’s video online, 84 percent of consumers say they are determined to make a purchase decision.

As more and more marketers use video in their marketing strategies you can expect these video trends to continue.

2. By watching the brand’s video, 83% of consumers spend more time browsing web pages

Residence time refers to the time spent on a consumer web page. In SEO, the residence time is an important ranking factor because this means that the user finds value in your content as they spend more time on the information on that page. Having a video on the page increases the time they spend on that page. Also, the videos keep the users engaged, which further increases the stay time.

3. Eighty percent of consumers say they still remember the video ad they saw last month

This statistic further illustrates the power of the human brain to retain information conveyed through video. Enhancing video in your ads will enhance the impact they will have on your buyer’s purchase decision. However, keep in mind that quality is important. Add unforgettable elements to your video, just like old ads you can remember to this day.

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