Tagline vs Slogan – Build Your Brand Strategically

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Tagline vs Slogan – Build Your Brand Strategically

Sure, you have seen many brands use this type of advertising phrase, but do you know what a slogan is?

The slogan or slogan is an advertising phrase, preferably not very long and easy to memorize, which seeks to represent a brand’s values and quickly identify with the company.

It is also called an “impact phrase” in some parts of the world since it serves to stand out and differentiate itself from the competition.

What is the use of using a slogan in my online store or business?

Having a slogan that stands out above the rest can be vital for your eCommerce or business, especially to make a difference with our competition.

Suppose we get people to remember and memorize our slogan. In that case, we will achieve more reputation and brand recognition, facilitating the positioning of the products and services we offer in the market.

Thanks to this recognition, we can position our company as a benchmark in the sector for customers.

How to make an effective advertising slogan?

how to make an effective advertising slogan

To make a good slogan or slogan, we have to take into account several important points that this advertising phrase has to fulfill:

Short and easy to memorize phrases

If we want people to remember our motto, it has to be clear and concise. That is why a short slogan is best, as it will be easier to memorize.

If we look at the slogans of many well-known companies, we will see that they tend to use less than eight words.

Pass on the benefits of the brand

The phrase we use as a slogan credibly must represent our brand or products’ benefits. We have to find what makes us different and highlight it in our motto by transmitting reliability.   

As we will see in the next point, it is essential to impact customers with our advantages, but always looking for credibility and avoiding confusion or creating misleading advertising by highlighting our benefits.  

Shocking and original

We have to choose a special message and, in this way, manage to generate a reaction in the receiver. We can achieve a positive response from users, thanks to original slogans that highlight the brand’s values and identify with those of our customers.

If we manage to connect with our clients’ values ​​or ideals authentically, our slogan will last longer in the person’s memory.

Direct and appropriate with the style of the brand

Finally, it must be direct and appropriate. It must be a simple phrase that establishes a connection with the brand or product, always respecting the language and style of the brand.

It would not make sense to use a very serious slogan for a casual brand or a fun slogan for a company that wants to convey seriousness and elegance. That is why the phrase must always be appropriate to the style of the company.

How to create compelling Tagline


The Tagline should focus on the brand’s products, services, or features that set it apart from the competition. The Tagline tells the buyer what other brands can’t offer. Suppose your slogan is similar to the sayings of other companies. In that case, consumers may think that your brand is mistaken for another brand or that you are trying to copy another successful brand. Companies often register slogans to protect their images. Before implementing the saying, contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office to see if another brand has a trademark on the phrase.


Concise taglines are easy for consumers to process and remember, and even if you’re choosing a plumber or diet soda, you’re more likely to think of your Tagline instead of someone else’s Tagline. Taglines usually have several words. If you exceed that limit, your customers may not understand what you are trying to say about your business, or you may think you are not sure what you are offering. .. In the BusinessWeek article “Genuine Catchphrases,” marketing and branding expert Markswarts states that the most effective catchphrase is no more than seven words.


If you want to choose the perfect slogan, we advise you to write several ideas before deciding on the slogan representing your company, business, or online store.

It would help if you took the time to create a good slogan, as it can be one of the key points to differentiate your brand from the competition and connect with your customers.

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