Twitter establishment and journey

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Twitter history


Twitter is an online microblogging service for distributing short messages between groups of recipients. It includes features of social networking websites like Facebook, creating networks of users who can communicate with short messages throughout the day with instant messaging technologies.

History of Twitter

Twitter was started in 2006 as an idea by Jack Dorset, co-founder of Twitter. Initially, Dorsey took Twitter as an SMS-based communication tool. This way, hence groups of friends can stay in touch with each other and share what they do.

During a brainstorming session at the podcasting company, Jack Dorsey also presented Williams, the co-founder of Odeo, with this SMS-based site. Evan and his partner allowed Jack to spend more time on this project and enhance it further.

This could develop using Ruby on Rails; It is a particularized web application framework for the Ruby computer programming language. Its interface is unique because it allows it to integrate with Open Adaptation and other online services.

Journey of Twitter

In its beginning days, Twitter was referred to as twttr. Noah Glass, a software developer with the original name twttr and its last incarnation.

Looking at the future of the product, Williams bought the audio and started Transparency Corp. to further improve it. Engineer Jack Dorsey joined the board, and the full version of this debuted at the Southwest Music Conference in March 2007 in Austin, South Texas. The following month, Inc., can form as a corporate entity, thanks to an injection of venture capital.

Here are the things you need to know to understand the whole journey of Twitter, where it was in past, and where it is today:

Twitter Timeline

  • February 2006: Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass discuss bringing up a site where one can send updates to others about his or her activity. This concept is then having a conversation among Williams, Stone and Glass.
  • July 2006: The team gets motivation by increasing workplace tension and Dorsey’s support, Williams fires Glass.
  • October 2006: The Company acquires a majority of its assets from Audio’s investors and shareholders, focusing on Twitter, Dorsey, Stone and William.
  • March 2007: Twitter sets its first record after winning the best launch ever in the Southwest
  • April 2007: Twitter officially becomes its own company and Jack Dorsey is CEO of the company
  • June 2007: Company got its first round of funding; It raised $ 5 million and received an estimated $ 20 million
  • August 2007: Comment on the hashtag “#” introduced by user Chris Messina
  • October 2008: Jack Dorsey was removed from the post of CEO and replaced by Evan Williams
  • April 2009: Evan Williams and Biz Stone are listed under Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World
  • April 2010: Twitter announces its first obvious way to use advertising site to generate sustainable profit and encourage people to use advertised tweets for advertising
  • October 2010: Fired Evan Williams as CEO, replaced by Dick Costello.
  • June 2011: Co-founder Biz Stone announces resignation from daily role in the company
  • September 2011: It receives 100 million users
  • December 2011: Made changes to the site profile and timeline section, adding Home, Link and Discover trays
  • June 2012: Slightly redesigned team removes its logo to make the blue bird its symbol
  • December 2012: It surpasses 200 million monthly active users
  • November 2013: The Company launches its IPO, which is valued at $ 31 billion

Twitter in recent years

  • December 2014: It introduces advanced anti-harassment tools and promises more efforts to curb online abuse
  • January 2015: Twitter buys zip dial and introduces a feature- when you’re away
  • March 2015: Introduces a new feature called Quality Filter for iOS users to prevent bullying tweets from their feed
  • April 2015: Twitter shares fall 18%, Google next month added tweets to its search results
  • June 2015: Jack Dorsey becomes CEO, replacing Dick Costello
  • October 2015: Twitter also added a new feature called Twitter Moments, which next month replaced the favorite button and star icon with a like button and heart symbol
  • October 2016: It laid off about 9% of its employees, laid off 350 jobs and stopped using Vine app
  • January 2017: It removes the Twitter dashboard feature, replacing the Moments tab with the Explore tab.
  • November 2018: Stage expanded word count from 140 to 280
  • February 2019: It changed the monthly active users’ metric monetization with the number of daily active users

 The opening story and the journey of Twitter, how it started, and where it is today.

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