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11 Reasons why you have seen a Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

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Website Traffic

Sudden drop in Website Traffic

The most important reason for the sudden drop in website traffic is the latest search algorithm update. Change, redirect, incorrect robots.txt rules, and ranking losses are all other legitimate reasons for a drop in website traffic.

Fortunately, in most cases, if you suffer from a sudden drop in traffic, there are two things, above you can check the specification further. Eventually, you will be able to figure out why things have changed.

Website traffic loss checklist

Here are 11 points I would like to check if I notice a site experiencing low monthly visits or a sudden drop in traffic:

Algorithm updates

It does not hide from the fact that Google releases many updates throughout the year, some of which are more significant than others. Practically, trying to show solid details of changes is like trying to get blood from a stone.

However, an easy way to measure whether your site is affected by an algorithm update is to carefully monitor the changes confirmed by Google.

Tracking errors

Even now, I wonder how many webmasters and site owners can pull their tracking codes off the site. And why the traffic is booming.

Fortunately, this is a mistake that can be easily fixed, but in the long run, you will lose data – so you can quickly detect and sort this.

Invalid robots.txt rules

Are you sure your site is not crawling search engines in the robots.txt file?

It is not uncommon for developers not to modify robots.txt files after they have moved from the development or staging website. Often, when this happens it is completely accidental.

Redirect errors

Most sites, especially large websites will be redirects. They are often included via the .htaccess file, or if you are using WordPress, a plugin to make life a little easier.

Whenever you add a new permanent redirect (301) to your site, I recommend testing it before adding it to the live environment if it adds too many redirects.

Crawl errors                                       

Using the new search console, open the Index Coverage Report and verify the erroneous URLs. Any URLs in the coverage statement contain an error associated with them.

Ranking losses

Another common reason to see a decline in website traffic is the loss of organic rankings.

Now, if you are monitoring your performance using Rank Tracker, this will be much easier to fix. If you do not, using data from the search console may be your best bet.

XML Sitemap Changes

If you are an SEO you know (hopefully) only URLs that will return. And index 200 answers are visible on your sitemaps, unless you leave the redirected URLs to make sure search engines find them quickly.

Manual measures and penalties

If the eagle-eyed people reviewers find a blog on the site contrary to Google’s guidelines, manual action will be taken against your site.

Using the report of the manual action in the Search Console, you can see if your site affects your manual actions.

URLs where codes deleted

Google recently tweeted about a ‘de-indexing’ bug so that sites’ key pages could remove from the code overnight. Yet it is not a practical problem.

Finding those important URLs in search results can be a huge factor when suddenly investigating internet traffic loss.

Major cannibalization

Recently if you have created more new content around a particular topic without considering the key tag. You may have accidentally fallen victim to a major cannibalization issue.

Cannibalisation occurs when a website appears as a keyword with multiple URLs.

SERP layout changes

The latest change in the way Google and search engines display organic results will have an impact on your traffic levels. So making sure you are adaptable and ready to make changes will go a long way.

Google, in particular, has made several changes to the way results may display; Displays special snippets, emphasis on some of the knowledge maps, and advertisements. It can make the lives of SEO companies and professionals very frustrating.


Seeing a sudden drop in website traffic may be very frustrating, but there is always a reason. And if there is a reason, it can usually fix.

If you take one thing from this post, the sudden decline could be due to several reasons or a major traffic-laden page that fell off the index.

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