How to Increase Your YouTube Watch Time

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YouTube Watch Time

Playlists give viewers a step-by-step viewing experience that will increase your YouTube watch time. You can create different video playlists to link all your videos. Make sure your playlist is organized properly. Make sure the videos are based on relevant content.

Here are the steps to increase your YouTube Watch time

Start with an awesome intro

The first step is to impress your audience. Get their attention in a flash – this is what Google preaches. The first 15 seconds are your savings to do it.

Google’s YouTube Playbook for brands and agencies offers this advice:

  • Enforce the first law – by sight, personality or message.
  • Speak directly to the audience, not to the audience as a whole.
  • Ask a question or do something to pique their interest.
  • Preview what they can expect in a short clip.

Break the video into chapters

Like chapters in books, YouTube’s chapters make things easier for viewers to understand what’s next.

Think about how to divide your videos into sections. Each chapter should have a catchy introductory moment and an intriguing story following it. Outlines are useful in this process.

Include pattern interrupt

Whether your audience leaves or the crowd leaves the crowd reduces one thing – engagement. Interference methods exaggerate it.

When identical pictures and stories come back, again and again, people get bored and the bounce rate rises. But method interruptions will draw the audience’s attention to the long game.

Do keyword research

You can’t escape the value of keywords because it’s video. When you create content ideas, be sure to research simple keywords for YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world.

Go to a tool like a keyword tool (change the default option to YouTube search) and enter a title related to your main topic to understand its search interest (i.e., keyword volume).

Tell stories

Storytelling works for audiences who want to be entertained and those who want to learn. Explore how to tell your story in a personal and interesting way that your audience will appreciate (i.e., keep watching).


Join like-minded people who share the same vision and purpose as your brand to tell their stories. By working together, you can attract viewers to your partners’ video channels, increase your audience and increase your viewing time.

Create longer videos

Short video requires more viewers to get total viewing time just like long video with less audience. If you post long videos, you can target them to your main audience and watch the time that YouTube’s algorithm wants.

Develop a series

A series of videos is likely to increase viewing time further. By linking related videos, you are more likely to keep your audience watching.

Use YouTube analytics

By exploring your YouTube analytics, you can gain amazing insight into both your videos and your channel’s micro and macro views. You can see the audience in days, times, etc. You can also view the data in the videos. Of particular interest should be the drop-off time. Then, you can go back and look at the content around those time marks and evaluate what might not be working. You can take that information to review those videos and to improve future videos.

Increase your viewers’ watch time

Improving your viewing time is a surefire way to become more engaging with YouTube. As a result, your videos are more likely to appear in suggestions and search results.

It may take a while to implement everything, but you should start to see a healthy spike as you work through them one by one.

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