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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

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How to use LinkedIn for Business

Why use LinkedIn for Business?

LinkedIn is an ideal platform to enhance your online presence. The top six reasons why you should use LinkedIn as a B2B marketer for your business

  • Create awareness and improve reputation.
  • Thought leadership and influencer marketing
  • Selling and generating leads
  • Social CRM
  • Traffic building
  • Listening and gaining insights

Why LinkedIn important for business?

LinkedIn for business allows you to build credibility, develop a meaningful network, and derive insider expertise from established experts in your industry.

Moreover, 30 million companies use LinkedIn for their business. Not just because it is the preeminent social network for enlisting and engaging top talent. With more than 690 million members, more brands are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect, and sell.

LinkedIn marketing tools are available for every business size and type, from small business to large business and B2B to B2C. After that, this blog will show you how to use LinkedIn for business, equip you with the best tools, and help you get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

How to use LinkedIn for Business?

Learn how to create an account in LinkedIn for your business.

  • Create a LinkedIn Page
  • Complete your Page
  • Share your page
  • Add LinkedIn buttons
  • Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy

Create a LinkedIn Page

Before you can start LinkedIn marketing, it needs a LinkedIn page. Firstly, if you haven’t already created a LinkedIn profile, you will need to do this.

How to create a LinkedIn Page:

Firstly, visit the LinkedIn Pages of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website.

  1. Click Create your Page. Choose the appropriate category for your business.
  2. Fill in company details. A page preview displays. Choose a good URL for your brand. If you can, make it the same as your username on other social sites.
  3. This step is optional; upload your company logo and your tagline. But don’t skip it. Companies with logos get six times more visits than others.
  4. Click Create Page.

Complete your Page

Take your LinkedIn Page from basic to the next level by adding more detail about your business. Moreover, this provides visitors with information about your business and improves your Google ranking and LinkedIn search results. There are complete pages that get 30% more views than incomplete pages.

To add more information, click the pencil icon on your profile under your company name.

Share your page

Let people know your LinkedIn Page is up and running by sending a company-wide email with the news. Let them know how they can follow the page and add it like a place of work.

Connect visitors to your company’s thought leaders, give potential customers, and hire a view into your culture.

Advertise your page with your customers as well. Make use of all your digital touchpoints such as newsletters, social channels, websites, and ask for follows. When you do, tell people what is on their page, from job opportunities to LinkedIn Live sessions.

On LinkedIn, page admins can also invite to follow their connections. Click the Admin Tools dropdown and select Invite Connections.

Add LinkedIn buttons

Add social media icons to the header or footer of your website, so it is easy for people to find your LinkedIn Page. Find the most up-to-date version of LinkedIn’s logo and guidelines.

You can also add the buttons Share and Follow with LinkedIn Plugins.

Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy

With your Company Page ready to go, it is time to think about your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

You should know LinkedIn demographics. It is a good starting point for learning who uses the platform and whom you can reach easily. Get an audit of your LinkedIn competitors. See how they are using the platform, what works, and how you can set your page.

This also allows your LinkedIn page to ensure all your LinkedIn marketing goals are covered, from webinar promotion to engagement.

7 LinkedIn marketing tips

You can learn how to market on LinkedIn with these tips.

  • Post with photos and videos typically perform better across social media. This same holds for LinkedIn.
  • It aims to show people content that will interest and engage them from other accounts they connect with.
  • It is important to post regularly to build an audience on LinkedIn.
  • The only format more connecting than video on LinkedIn is live video.
  • Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to attract a special initiative or engage a target community.
  • Check LinkedIn Analytics regularly to increase your LinkedIn marketing strategy.
  • The most important LinkedIn marketing tool is its organic targeting option for posts.

6 LinkedIn marketing tools

The LinkedIn tools for business pages make marketing easier for big and small businesses.

  • Canva
  • SlideShare
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Open for Businesses
  • Hootsuite

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