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Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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If consistent organic traffic is required, you need to put a working system in place – even better, organic traffic pipeline. Optimizing search engines in a medium way only results poorly in terms of driving organic traffic. Sometimes relying on organic traffic is like playing lottery tickets. The odds are not your favor, but win or lose, mainly losing. Search engines want people to need the right information and find you easily. Optimization for search users is simply a functional aspect of content marketing.

There are many ways to promote organic traffic in the 2020. Few of them are below:

  • Collaboration with bloggers;
  • Email marketing
  • SMM

All the contents from this moment on came to be developed after a definition of who is the person who searches for this content, how does him / her search for this content and what are the doubts that we should heal with this content.
Increase in content size

Main changes should be made

  • optimization and correction of SEO errors of old content;
  • doubling of monthly content production;
  • Keyword search to select the best opportunities.
  • SEO-oriented content production, but mainly with the user in mind;
  • permanent link of related posts within the blog;
  • guest posts;
  • link building.

The content we create for social media is different for paid ads and organic traffic. Customers use the latter more as a brochure, going through a wide range of options before accessing our site. The content for this purpose is made in the form of traditional flat lay images

Make an engaging video that leads to educates or entertains your audience. This will provide a benchmark for the potential strongest follower.
Retarget the portion of the audience that watched the video to half.
Retarget non-purchasers with a special offer. Force them to enter their email addresses so they can receive offers.
At the end of your campaign, send an email with a message that directs you to a standalone ad based on social proof and an emotional call to action.
Even if you don’t reach your sales goal after the end of the campaign. You will develop long-playing content and generate an email database of interested users to target again in the future.

So follow the above tips to increase your organic traffic.

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