Emarketing vs. Digital Marketing

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Emarketing vs. Digital Marketing

Emarketing vs. Digital marketing

Digital marketing. Internet marketing. Online marketing. Emarketing (not to be confused with email marketing). These are all broad terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. If they mean the same thing, why keep them all?

As it is, there are subtle nuances in some phrases. Online marketing and internet marketing are adequate, but digital marketing and emarketing are two different marketing disciplines. Overlapping, but there are some differences as well.

What are those differences and how do you use the words correctly? This post will address the differences between Emerging Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Online Marketing.

What Does Each of These Terms Mean?

To understand their differences and determine what kind of marketing is best for your business, we will look at each marketing department to see what each one covers.


Internet marketing is the practice of using the Internet with new customers. Similar to PPC campaigns for search marketing such as Google Ads and Bing Ads, SEO-based websites fall under this category.

Internet marketing focuses on:

  • Create a website
  • Choose some SEO friendly keywords and best practices
  • Run PPC campaigns
  • Turn traffic into sales with on-site copy and offers (including pop-ups)

Internet marketing focuses only on capturing and managing online traffic to drive sales better.

While search marketing and advertising are complex and potentially rewarding, they can be relatively myopia. It is best used in conjunction with other types of online marketing strategies, especially focusing on building relationships. If you focus only on getting traffic, without building relationships, this will be reflected in your results.


Emarketing is like internet marketing with some fun add-ons. Includes SEO and PPC’s internet marketing strategies and focuses more on developing customer relationships.

Because it is not just limited to web search but all things “e”, you are going to see email marketing, getting online reviews, referral programs, and social media marketing with more in-depth customer relationship tracking and management is included here. CRM systems are used in marketing, and this is where customization spreads a little more.


Last but not least, we have digital marketing. Digital marketing is a term that covers almost all three. This includes both internet marketing and marketing. It’s going to include any kind of marketing related to the digital interface – all tied together under one umbrella.

Examples of tactics and focal points exclusive to digital marketing include:

  • Mobile apps for your business and related push notifications
  • Electronic billboards
  • In-app PPC ads
  • Databases that contain market research or audience information
  • TV commercials

Some aspects of digital marketing, such as the Bush announcements, are very sophisticated and forward-thinking. Others, such as electronic billboards or TV ads, may be out of date, costing more and paying less than other types of internet marketing.

So Does The Terminology Matter?

If you’re talking to a friend about how you want to run an email campaign and use the word “online marketing” instead of “emarketing”, chances are good that no one will catch your eye. It comes down to semantics.

This is a place where you want to pay attention to these terms when you are considering hiring a marketer or agency.

“Internet marketer” is a term that can be controlled if you are looking for an all-inclusive agency. Choosing a “digital marketing” agency can be a great bet. Also, if you are looking for specialized services like an agency that focuses only on PPC or has some select specialties, look it up.


Emerging, digital marketing, and internet marketing all share some of these, but each takes a slightly different approach. Emarketing is more relationship-related than doing internet marketing, which focuses only on directing site traffic for maximum potential profit. Meanwhile, digital marketing has a broad scope with many strategies, platforms, and media under its big umbrella.


Is digital marketing and emarketing the same?

Digital marketing is a broad term that covers your marketing activities across all digital channels. Offline channels such as electronic billboards also feature in digital marketing. On the other hand, e-marketing is a specific term. This refers only to media that can be accessed via the Internet.

Is ecommerce part of marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is any marketing effort you make to promote your online store and generate sales. This applies to both acquiring new customers (customer acquisitions) and retrieving old ones (customer retention). Ecommerce marketing does the following: Enables traffic to your eCommerce website.

Which is better digital marketing or e-commerce?

Digital marketing attracts the attention of your brand. E-commerce allows you to actually sell. The difference between the two is important because being good at one does not mean you are good at the other. You can excel in digital marketing and attracting a large number of visitors to your website



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